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Residential Vastu Consultation For Individual Home / Bungalows

A home is the place where we expect to enjoy our peace, progress, & prosperity, health & wealth, and faith & spiritual development from our home. Hence to ensure this we must follow Scientifics Vastu Shastra. Vastu is very important for the smooth completion of the project, many times some people face a lot of issues with authorities, money shortage, labour problems, accidents on-site, etc. due to bad Vastu.

At Soham Vastu NLP we help you to select Plot for the Construction of a House which has very good Energies and in proper shape, slope, and with good surroundings. Then at the time of Construction, we must ensure that Vastu principles should be followed at the time of laying the foundation, erecting walls, right structure balance, Plumbing pipes, Sewage Pipes, Electricity Setup, Light Slots, Switch Boards, Proper air Ventilation in the House, etc.

After the Construction, the Interior gets Started, Vastu principles must be followed in this part also, the Interiors of the House must be as per Vastu to maintain proper energy flow in the House. The Almira’s, Beds, ACs, T.V, Sofas, Dining Table, Sitting Area, Bathroom Fittings, Position of Appliances in the Kitchen, Doors, Windows, and Colours in the House will be also as per Vastu.

Here are some Tips from Vastu Acharya Parag Rathod. The following points should be kept in mind: