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Residential Vastu Consultation For Flats

For Flats we help every individual right from selection of flat as per Vastu Shastra, doing vastu consultancy of existing flat & doing Vastu remedies for existing flats.

The fundamental rules while evaluating flats are the same as those which come into play while evaluating independent houses. Due to urbanization in metro cities flat culture is evolved drastically in last 20 Years. As Person willing to buy flat have no control over the factors governing the selection of land for the apartments but with the help of our Vastu Consultation we can help individual for perfect selection of flat as per Vastu Satra, individual needs to focus on to get maximum benefit as per Vastu science. We at Sohum vastu NLP, helps every individual right from Selection of Flat, Suggesting changes as per Vastu, Interior & colour combination as per vastu, Vastu Remedies & End to End services of Residential Vastu Consultancy.

Here are some Tips from Vastu Acharya Parag Rathod. The following points should be kept in mind while selecting the apartments.