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Is Vastu Shastra applicable only in India?

No. Vastu Shastra is applicable all over the world and all vastu rules remain the same.

Is Vastu religion specific?

No. Vastu shastra is secular and affects people irrespective of religion, cast, creed or color.

Does vastu affects children too?

Yes. Vastu affects everyone irrespective of age.

Why should I follow vastu shastra?

To live in a place that’s auspicious so that you get all the help from positive energies and shun away negative ones.

What are the 5 elements of vastu shastra?

Water, earth, air, fire and space are the 5 elements on which vastu shastra is based.

When should I start to follow vastu shastra?

As and when you wish; however, the best time in NOW!

When can I expect results from vastu shastra?

That depends on the type of house(s) you’ve been living in. If you’ve been living in house(s) with bad vastu and have shifted to a house with good vastu then it may need some time for the abundance to reach you.

I am a tenant (I live in a rented house). Will vastu of this house affect me?

Yes. Vastu will affect you as well as the owner of the house.

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